Welcome to the homepage of Adony Logisztikai Központ Ltd.


Adony Logisztikai Központ Ltd operates Port of Adony , that located at 1598-1597 rkm on the right bank of Danube.

The Logistics Hub consists of 5 railway tracks, 5 loading berths, 162.000 m2 covered storage area and grain drying facility. One of the largest warehousing facilities in CEE with a 550K t bulk storage capacity.

Unique location and multiple transportation links including river (Danube), highway (M6) and rail links.

  •          Professional quality controls and operating standards
  •          Transshipment services
  •          Crops trading and storage
  •          Pallet warehousing
  •          Cereal drying and cleaning services
  •          Petrol station
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