Port of Adony operated by Adony Logisztikai Központ Ltd. It is located in Adony, Central Hungary, 55 km to the South from Budapest and 45 km from motorway M0, and accessible via motorway M6. The Logistics Hub benefits from a strategic position from transportation, distribution and logistics point of  view with direct access and extensive river frontage and port facilities to the Danube, including warehouse and terminal railway  connection. Mag has a strategic location at the intersection of the European transport corridors Nr. V and VII.

Major strength and opportunities associated with Port Of Adony:

- The logistics centre occupies two neighbouring sites land of approximately 45 hectares and consists of 84 units. Each unit extends to 1.920 m2 totaling 161.280 m2 of warehouse space. The total storing capacity is 500.000 tons for agricultural crops and other bulk products and also the installed pallet racking system allows warehousing general cargo as well. Adony I & II are separated and served by two reception buildings. Furthermore a crop drying and a crop cleaning facility with nominal capacities of 40 and 120 tons per hour respectively;

- Strategically located on the Danube River between the Black Sea and the North Sea benefiting from underutilized inland waterways in Central Europe. The Port and its facilities provide direct access to water transportation on the Danube with 960 m river frontage. The Port enable the simultaneous docking of 6 barges or vessels and loading and unloading of 4 barges, and are equipped with conveyor belt loading system with a nominal capacity of 300 tons per hour per loading berth. The port is also suitable for general cargo loading / unloading. The transshipments are supported by 6 road weighbridges of 60 tons capacity each and 2 rail weighbridges of 50 tons capacity each;

- The terminal railway lines are connected to the national and international network. Industrial railway connection is available to the property and also between Adony I and II (five railway tracks serve the warehouse complex and the port);

- The road transport capacity is approximately 7.500 tons per day; Transshipments is provided between different transportation modes including road, water, and rail.



The warehouse complex consists of 84 pieces of European quality thermo insulated flat storage facilities located in two neighbouring sites, with a head room of 12 m. On a total built in area of 170,000 m2, of which would store 500,000 tons of bulk goods.

Both sites have asphalt-covered roads suitable for truck traffic, with a total area of 76,000 m2. Parking and stationing of vehicles is also possible on site. 

The sites also have 260 m2 supporting buildings, which function as office buildings, labs and scale houses. There are two 60 ton capacity weighbridges that assures the quantity of received and outloaded goods. The site is protected by a surveillance and security system.

Grain drying facility is located near the warehouse complex with 40t/h drying and 120t/h cleaning capacity.

The activities and services carried out and provided by of Port Of Adony.:

  •          Storage and warehousing of commercial goods (general and bulk cargo)
  •          Grain and oilseed purchasing and trading on the free market
  •          Organising freighting
  •          Cereal cleaning and drying
  •          Warehousing and supply of fodder raw materials
  •          Warehousing and supply of bio fuel raw materials
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