Beneficiary: Adony Logistics Centre Ltd
Project title: Investment in machinery and software at Adony Logistics Centre Ltd
Contracted subsidy amount: HUF 56,998,463
Subsidy intensity: 70%
Project ID: GINOP-1.2.8-20-2020-00603
Planned completion date: 31.12.2021

Project content:

Front loaders are among the primary assets of our organisation’s core business, with high and continuous utilisation. With the front loaders we plan to purchase, we can increase the throughput of the warehouse base, which allows us to process more loading orders, execute customer orders faster, which results in higher customer satisfaction and ultimately more orders. The shorter truck and ship loading times also mean financial savings for customers, which strengthens our competitiveness and thus significantly improves our company’s ability to maintain staffing levels.

The commercial software to be purchased will support commercial activities, making administration more efficient, and the real-time decision-support tools will make it possible to process a higher volume of trade, which will lead to stable retention of staff and the possibility of increasing staff numbers. In order to meet the growing expectations, the expansion of the machinery and IT systems is essential, so Adony Logistics Centre Ltd is purchasing 2 new JCB vehicles and has also started the purchase of new software, which requires a server for perfect service to the site.

More information is available on request:
Szilárd Taksonyi, Press Officer
+36 25/222 181, info@portofadony.hu

Beneficiary: Adony Logistics Centre Ltd.
Project title: Logistics service centre development in Adony
Contracted subsidy amount: HUF 224.24 million
Subsidy intensity: 50%
Project ID: GINOP-1.2.5-15-2018-00031
Planned completion date: 30.12.2019

Project content:

Bulk fertiliser handling, i.e. intermodal transfer and storage, is an increasingly important logistics service.

In response to the growing demand, Adony Logistics Centre Ltd is developing its fertiliser loading, storage and handling services, including infrastructure investments and equipment purchases not subject to authorisation, as follows:

Infrastructure improvements not subject to authorisation: 1. Insulation of drainage ditches, lining with concrete slabs 2. Construction of rainwater drainage (roof valleys) for fertiliser storage halls 3. Modernisation and extension of electrical systems in warehouse halls 4. Increasing the area of covered truck and car parking spaces 5. Relocation of track weighbridge with concrete pit and concrete bridge, construction of connecting track, and upgrading of private siding network

Purchase of equipment and intangible assets: 1. Purchase of truck calling displays 2. Procurement of a comprehensive IT system 3. Purchase of a big-bag packaging line 4. Purchase of 2 high-performance bucket front loaders for fertiliser 5. Improving the energy network by installing a solar panel system

The project is implemented under the Széchenyi 2020 Programme.

More information is available on request:
Szilárd Taksonyi, Press Officer
+36 25/222 181, info@portofadony.hu