The Adony Port and Logistics Centre was built in 2006 with state-of-the-art warehouse technology and infrastructure, where different modes of transport are present at the same time. Meeting pressing economic needs, we have developed a commercial and logistics system that is essential for proper operations.

Adony is in the middle of Hungary, on the border of four regions, next to the Danube, Main Road 6 and the M6 motorway and near the M8 motorway and the new Pentele road bridge. In addition to excellent road access, there is also the possibility of access by water (the Adony area is approximately the centre of the river axis between Constanta and ARA ports), and the almost 2 km of available private siding network easily connects to the national rail network.

On two adjacent sites, a base of 170,000 m2, with a total of 84 storage facilities of 12 m ridge height, capable of storing nearly 500,000 tonnes of grain (and/or other commodities), has been created to European standards. Although the two sites are next to each other, they can be operated completely independently of each other. In both areas, the flat storage halls are accessed by a network of concrete roads suitable for freight traffic. Grain is stored in and out using high-performance mobile equipment, under the control of four 60-tonne weighbridges. A modern and powerful STELA drying/cleaning unit is also in operation to meet the drying demands of the harvesting season. It has a drying capacity of 40 tonnes per hour and a cleaning capacity of 60 tonnes per hour. We have also installed two 60-tonne truck weighbridges at the Port, which significantly helps to reduce turnaround time at the site during direct loading. Our base is a multimodal logistics centre, which in this case means that, in the port of Adony, three modes of transport (water, road and rail) meet and cooperate, i.e. it is a trimodal connection.

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GPS coordinates:
N 47° 6' 45.18” - E 18° 52' 28.17”
River kilometre:
Danube 1,598.00–1,597.00
Off-ramp from the M6 motorway:
Off-ramp No 50 to Szabadegyháza/Adony
Pusztaszabolcs main line, Adony station
Covered storage capacity:
170.000 m2 in total
Number of warehouses:
84 flat storage halls, each with a ridge height of 12 m, and a total storage capacity of up to 500,000 tonnes of grain
Length of port:
1000 m;
3 berths with a total capacity up to 750 tonnes of grain per hour
Total length of railway tracks:
private siding with a total length of 1.82 km
Dryer and cleaner:
STELA MDB-XN-2/12-SU, capacity: 40/60 tonnes/hour, licence number: 838-1/2009/MU
Metler Toledo, certified; 6 weighbridges, each with a 60-tonne capacity
Location of reference water-level scale:
Danube river kilometre 1,597+794,
Typical levels:
Lowest water level for navigation:
Highest water level for navigation:
The port’s operating water levels:
Berths 2 and 3: Min. 539 cm at Adony
Berth 5: Min. 403 cm at Adony